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Saturday 30 April 2016

Jolly green jacket

In which G.M. Norton lauds lightweight wool.

Residing in T'North of England, we get a great deal less sun than my chums at the other end of the country. 
Take last Wednesday evening when my beloved and I dashed out to take a few quick pictorials of my jolly green ensemble. The sun was slowly disappearing and it was quite humid. Then without warning, hail came fluttering out of the sky. 

When the weather is as unpredictable as something terribly unpredictable, one is put in a sartorial quandary. Especially early in the morning when such a decision needs to be made quickly and decisively, in between coaxing my children from bed, to breakfast, to brushed and ready for school. 

Thankfully, I have a lovely lightweight wool jacket which helps keep me cool when it's sweltering and warm when it's wailing. Made in Italy, a country that knows how to combine style with sunshine, it is from a brand called Benvenuto. 

I managed to pick it up for £1.99 in Barnardo's.

The beneficiary boutique manageress informed me upon purchasing the garment that lots of men had tried it on but it had proven to be a tricky fit. It was marked down as a 52" jacket, when I usually take a 42", which may explain why a succession of larger men had unsuccessfully squeezed their torsos into it.

The green herringbone is very striking indeed. Definitely a summery shade. It has a ventless back so bunches up when walking around in a louche manner with a hand in the pocket. Featuring two horn-effect buttons, I paired it with an old M&S country shirt that also has the horn. 

A cotton cravat picked up from Messrs E&Bay was selected, along with a Pretentious Pocket silk handkerchief to add a little flamboyance. 
To keep my legs covered and spare my blushes, I plumped for a pair of moleskin trousers in a lovat beige. Below are my trusty oxblood country brogues from Barbour and colourful made in England socks.

Outfit details:

Green herringbone jacket - £1.99, Barnardo's
Shirt - free, old M&S
Cravat - £5, EBay
Carabou moleskin trousers - £20, EBay
Wimbledon socks - £10, Marko John's
Barbour Ilkley brogues - £50, John Norris
Total: £86.99

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  1. Re. the size, continental Europe uses a different system of numbers, a "52" is in fact equivalent to a British "42".

  2. What a bargain jacket! I wish we had hail that flutters, we get the tiny icy daggers kind. Handy to know the Euro sizing thing, I must remember that. Hope you are having a good bank hol x

  3. Fabulous jacket - and a bargain price. I had no idea Euro menswear sizes were so different.

    We've had lousy weather down south too, it's even snowed.


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