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Saturday 29 December 2012

Review: Edwin Jagger Sandalwood Premium Shaving Cream

In which G.M. Norton offers his honest assessment of the newest addition to his shaving assortments.

As my illustrious readership will only be too aware, I shave using traditional methods with a safety razor, badger brush and shaving cream. So you can imagine I was pleased as punch when I received a new luxury shaving cream for Christmas. I can only assume that my beloved cast her eye over my Christmas gift guide (note to self - include an Aston Martin DB5 next time).

The maker of my new shaving cream is one Edwin Jagger, a family-run shaving emporium. Founded in 1988, they make all manner of shaving paraphernalia including razors, brushes and creams. I already use a shaving brush by them as featured in my recent shaving post.


Saturday 22 December 2012

'Twas two outfits before Christmas

In which G.M. Norton celebrates classic British menswear as he gets all wrapped up for Christmas.

In the days leading up to the pinnacle of one's festive frivolities, I find myself reaching for two kinds of outfits, each containing pieces of clothing made in Britain.

The first is the more casual of the two and consists of my trusty Barbour wax jacket, a Christmas knit, Levis 501 jeans and a pair of brown K Shoes.

Feeling festive


Saturday 15 December 2012

Chap on the cheap: the charity shop challenge

In which G.M. Norton goes pattern crazy as he unveils a gentlemanly outfit for less than £50.

Mancunian Vintage and myself recently took part in a challenge to acquire his 'n' hers Christmas outfits for under £50 each. Read about my experience over at Vintage Manchester.

I had tremendous fun visiting the local charity shops and managed to cobble together a rather dapper outfit for the grand total of £37.94. This consisted of sports jacket, shirt, tie, trousers, shoes and pocket square. 

Doing my best Pee-Wee Herman impression


Saturday 8 December 2012

The day the music died

In which G.M. Norton reveals his admiration for John Lennon and gives a gentlemanly twist to his most iconic song.

On this day in 1980, John Lennon’s life tragically ended when a lunatic fired a gun into his back. A rotter, if ever there was one.

The 40-year-old musician left a considerable legacy; his life and influential style is continuing to make a lasting impression more than 30 years later. Considering I wasn’t even alive during the former Beatle's short life only reinforces the impact he has had on men and women across the globe.


Saturday 1 December 2012

A close shave

In which G.M. Norton offers his top tips for a tip top shave.

It will come as no surprise given my traditional tendencies that my preferred method for tackling the morning facial fuzz is a safety razor. 

It’s now a year since I ditched the dreaded Gillette Mach 3 ‘cartridge’ razor - one of the many wildly expensive plastic pieces of rubbish that multi-national grooming companies sell to easily-led men across the land.

My weapon of choice is the German-precision Merkur 34C HD, which is a pleasingly weighty little number and has absolutely nothing to do with ‘high definition’. Paired with a badger hair shaving brush from the renowned Edwin Jagger and a luxury shaving cream from Truefitt and Hill esquire, I have the tools to provide me with the perfect shave.

On reflection, my fine shaving ensemble

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