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Saturday 2 April 2016

Hats off to Thomas Farthing

In which G.M. Norton shows off his new titfer.

I've been casting furtive glances at Thomas Farthing for a while now. 

If you've not yet made the acquaintance of Thomas Farthing, it is a gentleman's outfitters in London. They sell knitwear, jackets, trousers, and some rather lovely hats.

I couldn't resist one of their baker boy caps. They have an impressive selection but after giving it the cream of the Norton brain, I decided on this cinnamon number. I adore the colour and felt that it would be quite versatile, complementing the greens, browns, reds and blues that I tend to wear.

A traditional 8-piece, it is much larger than most baker boy caps available, measuring a boastful 11 inches wide. This extra-wide style is based on early 20th century flat caps.
The cap has quickly become my favourite hat in a collection that includes straw boaters, a trilby, bowler and even a fez. 
I intend to purchase more caps from Thomas Farthing and perhaps . pay them a visit in person when I'm next in the Big Smoke.
The hat has already experienced it's first night at the razz. Here are a few drunken snaps taken from a gin-soaked night of merriment.

Of course, when drinking is involved, chums tend to discover a strong desire to wear your hat. Thankfully, it returned to my head at the end of an intoxicated evening.
G.M. Norton
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  1. I might be wrong, but isn't that early style of hat actually a 'Newsboy' or 'Paperboy' hat rather than a Baker Boy?? I think that the Bakerboy came later and was a honed down version with less oomph than these early styles! It looks rather fetching, whatever it's called - great choice on the colour. x

    1. Many thanks! From what I gather, baker boy and newsboy hats are the same thing. I've also heard it called an 8 piece cap. So many names!


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