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Saturday 26 January 2013

A brief history of the pocket square

In which G.M. Norton explores the history of the humble handkerchief.

Contrary to popular opinion, Mad Men’s Roger Sterling did not invent the pocket square. Although it is only fair to credit the inebriated advertising executive for helping men to rediscover the lost art of sporting an elegantly folded handkerchief.
Roger rocking the three point fold


Saturday 19 January 2013

Style icon: Cary Grant

In which G.M. Norton continues his style icon series with a tribute to the ultimate leading man.

To continue my style icon series following my earlier Sir Roger Moore effort, I would like to raise a glass to Mr. Archibald Alexander Leach. Or to give him the name that has made millions of ladies swoon and millions of men aspire to be him – Mr. Cary Grant.
Cutting a dash


Saturday 12 January 2013


In which G.M. Norton considers just what makes the perfect gentleman and has a little fun creating his own.

The lovely Prussia of In Loco Parentis recently took the time to leave a comment on my homage to Grace Kelly and she got me thinking. Especially now your favourite protagonist has made 2013 the Year of the Gentleman.

Here is the part that really fired up my little grey cells.
"So I am sure a chap likes to carry himself assuming the air of George Sanders or channelling the wit of Terry Thomas and thus makes the mundane feel so much better. A man may not look like Gregory Peck or have the charm of Cary Grant but he can certainly use these people as inspiration." 


Saturday 5 January 2013

Year of the Gentleman

In which G.M. Norton issues a rallying cry to the male of the species to find their inner gentleman.

Whatever happened to strolling in the moonlight, picking flowers for the woman of your dreams and generally being a chivalrous sort of chap?

In today’s society it seems that too many men are rude, badly-dressed and spend far too much time watching football and drinking beer, more often than not with their hands stuffed down their trousers.  

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