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Saturday 27 July 2013

Ten summer tips for gentlemen

In which G.M. Norton comes to the rescue for gentlemen everywhere.

The autumn and winter months are a walk in the park for gentlemen, but the summer months can be a terribly testing time. Where a gentleman was once able to cling to the comforting fabrics of tweed and corduroy, rather unhelpfully, more tropical weather doesn't lend itself to such attire.

Breathe a sigh of relief though, chumrades, because as ever, help is at hand in the form of your favourite protagonist. To take the stress out of summer, I have rather helpfully compiled my top ten tips to guide a chap through the warmer climate.

Gentleman clad in seersucker


Saturday 20 July 2013

In the club

In which G.M. Norton realises a 20 year ambition.

I remember it quite clearly. I was sat in the family home one morning in 1993, watching The Big Breakfast television show when I first caught sight of the Handlebar Club. Men with enormous moustaches filled the tiny television set and I was hooked. “One day, Norton old stick, you will grow a fine moustache and join the Handlebar Club,” said I. Well, ladies and gentlemen, that day has arrived. Huzzah!
Proudly wearing the club tie. Pictorial taken by the super talented Adele off of My Last Dollar Dress.


Saturday 13 July 2013

Style icon: Terry-Thomas

In which G.M. Norton celebrates the greatest British bounder in showbiz history.

Yes avid readers, it’s once again time for Norton of Morton to accurately examine the life, times and non-sartorial crimes of a particular gentleman.  

As I may have given away slightly in the headline, the subject in question is none other than the late comic actor Terry-Thomas (by a strange coincidence, Terry-Thomas is also a subject taught at the Phileas Fogg School for Amateur Balloonists).


Saturday 6 July 2013

Norton of Morton needs you

In which G.M. Norton requests your assistance in a most pressing matter.

You may have noticed a change to the furnishings here at Norton of Morton – a new banner is flying proudly above this entry, featuring your humble protagonist in a Kitchener-inspired pose.

So, what is the reason for this pointing of fingers? Well, gentle reader, nominations are now open for the Best of Vintage Manchester Awards 2013 and I need your help. I’d be tickled pink if you would nominate this periodical for the category of ‘Best Vintage Lifestyle Blog’.

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