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Saturday 25 October 2014

Competition: Win a pocket watch!

In which G.M. Norton invites you to take the time to win a pocket watch.

It seems I can't help giving things away at the moment. It was only a week ago that I ran a competition to win a cravat, courtesy of my chums at Cravat Club.
Now, I'm offering you lucky readers the chance to take ownership of your very own pocket watch.
It's not just any pocket watch, I hasten to add. It's a pocket watch that comes complete with a reassuringly heavy stand, so that it niftily doubles up as a desk clock. It sells for £85 so is not to be sniffed at.

Saturday 18 October 2014

World Cravat Day

In which G.M. Norton gives thanks to Croatia.

Given that today marks World Cravat Day, it would be rude not to give it a jolly good mention on the periodical this week.

As a self-confessed cravat devotee, I must admit to not giving much thought to the provenance of the most debonair of neckwear. Indeed, it was only while conducting a little research into World Cravat Day that I discovered that we have Croatia to thank for cravats.
It seems that the cravat adorned the necks of 17th century Croatian soldiers, as part of their military uniform. During the reign of King Louis VIII in France, Parisians couldn't help but be charmed by the unusual scarves wrapped around the Croatian mercenaries enlisted in the regiment. Before long, news of the cravat travelled far and wide and soon it became de rigueur to be seen wearing one.

Croatia are so proud of this important part of their history that in 2008, Croatian Parliament declared the 18th day of October as the Day of the Cravat.

Saturday 11 October 2014

First Friday at The Handlebar Club

In which G.M. Norton dashes to London for a meeting of moustaches.
As regular readers will recall, upon growing the required upper lip appendage with graspable extremities, I joined the prestigious Handlebar Club.
Club members surrounding El Presidente, Mr Rod Littlewood (Photography - Nick Harrison)
The Handlebar Club was formed in 1947 by Jimmy Edwards. It is a thoroughly decent Club to be a member of. The moustachioed men that the Club comprises of are a delightful bunch of gentlemen.
Delightfully dapper (Photography - Nick Harrison)
Traditionally, the Club meet on the first Friday of every month. The meeting isn't the kind of dull affair like in the workplace, with some poor sap (sometimes me) taking minutes and going through the agenda.

Saturday 4 October 2014

The Man in the Grey Tweed Suit

In which G.M. Norton takes his new suit on a strange little outing.

A milestone for any gentleman, I recently acquired my first ever three-piece tweed suit. A grey number, with a red windowpane check, it is from Messrs Walker Slater.

They have clothing emporiums in both Edinburgh and Londinium but as I reside near neither, I made my purchase online.

I'll tell you a little story, if I may. I used to own a grey wool suit. Grey is a safe suit colour choice, it goes with absolutely all kinds of things. It is probably the most versatile suit you could own. 
Taking a walk on the strange side
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