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Norton of Morton is an analogue periodical in a digital age.
Brought to you by protagonist G.M. Norton, it follows his quest to lead a gentlemanly existence where he celebrates chivalry, good manners and decency in his own inimitable style. 
With a new periodical posting every Saturday at 4 o'clock, you can set your pocket watch by it. 
"Your website is a joy to behold."
Michael 'Atters' Attree, Editor At Large, The Chap Magazine
When G.M. Norton is not being a protagonist (or hanging off lampposts in Victorian street settings), he can usually be found in an over-stuffed armchair practising his seat warming skills should a lady be in need of it. From time to time, he also converses with the world on Twitter in the hope of producing enough material to publish his memoirs.

G.M. Norton is available for money-making adventures, freelance writing, guest blogging and pre, during and after-dinner speaking. If you have a gentlemanly dilemma and you don't know where to turn, G.M. Norton will kindly be of service. Simply send a missive to 


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  1. Hello Norton from Morton, Phil from Morton (Moretonhampstead) here. I too have exactly the same breed of record player as yourself. However, last evening whilst it was creating the background music for a dinner party it became very fuzzy and whils the mechanical parts continued to function, the sound died to a whisper and became inaudible. Thinking this could be due to the Des o'connor record playing at the time I swiftly removed it and replaced it with a more acceptable Frank Sinatra one. That didn't work either so I assume the amp is buggered and I don't know where to get it fixed. I live in West Devon and any assistance there may be for a repair in the area will be greatly received.
    Phil from Morton.
    Ps, made a nice plant pot out of the Des o'connor LP.


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