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Saturday 22 February 2014

The perfect winter outfit

In which G.M. Norton helps you get one over Jack Frost.

I feel like I’m still waiting for winter to grip me in an icy embrace. Despite never achieving boy scout status, I’ve always followed their motto of ‘Be prepared’, saving your favourite protagonist from a multitude of both sticky and non-sticky situations. For this reason, despite the relatively warm weather, I’ve been venturing out clad in my warming winter togs.
Keen to help you survive the cold (when Jack Frost eventually points his icy finger), here are five of the most important items to see you through a harsh winter.

Saturday 15 February 2014

Real-life dandy: Yoshio Suyama

In which G.M. Norton makes the acquaintance of a real-life dandy.

After debating the idea for a while, largely over tea and cake, I recently joined the social networking site, Instagram. It was through this medium that I was lucky enough to cross paths with a real-life dandy, Mr.Yoshio Suyama.

I do so love a dandy. One can only admire a well-dressed man that prefers to cut a dash rather than drearily conform.

Admiring Yoshio’s array of pictorials, I was smitten with his style. With a respectful nod to a bygone age, Yoshio is sartorially savvy and a true inspiration to me as I continue on my journey to Gentleman. It occurred to me that it would be jolly nice to introduce my readers to this preening peacock and to join in the admiration.

Saturday 8 February 2014

Glory be!

In which G.M. Norton attempts the impossible.

I had some marvellous news this week, dear reader. This very periodical was short-listed in the UK Blog Awards 2014, under the ‘Most Innovative’ category.

Thanks awfully if you voted! Now the public vote is over, the responsibility now sits with an expert panel of judges. Rumours are speculating about their choice of ensemble. I suspect they will go with the traditional wig and robe combination.
"I say, these corrugated cardboard wigs look just the ticket!"
The judges will assess all the blogs on the short-list and after careful deliberation; they will decide which blogs are guilty of cunning content, perfect photography and all that sort of rot. Verdicts will then be announced at a swanky awards bash in London on Friday 25 April.


Saturday 1 February 2014

Smouldering Sirens: Bettie Page

In which G.M. Norton explores the fascinating and mysterious 1950s pin-up model, Bettie Page.

Deciding its ruddy well about time I escorted another exquisite little filly into the Smouldering Sirens boudoir, I instantly thought of a lady who has teased men and women for more than sixty years – the one and only Bettie Page.

People go potty over a pin-up and I am no exception to the rule, dear reader. Especially one that has the feminine wiles of Miss Page.

Despite my admiration of Bettie over the years, I must confess to knowing very little about her.

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