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Saturday 3 March 2018

Smouldering Sirens: Betty Brosmer

In which G.M. Norton enlists another Smouldering Siren.
With this frightful weather, I've been seeking things to warm the old cockles.

Enter a new Smouldering Siren - Betty Brosmer.

During the 1950s, Betty was the highest paid pin-up model, appearing in countless magazines, billboards and even album covers. And the reason for her success?

Well, I suppose her Sabrina-esque measurements of 38-18-26 helped matters.

Business savvy Betty was the first to own rights to many of her photos, including negatives.
Betty also got into a dispute with Playboy after refusing to pose completely nude. Heff's loss.

In a welcome change to many models life stories that often end in heartbreak and broke, Betty's star contined to rise.

In 1961, Betty became Mrs Weider when she married entrepreneur Joe Weider. Together, they forged a successful career in fitness and bodybuilding.

The couple were married for more than 50 years, until Joe's passing in 2013.

Anyway, enjoy this selection of Betty in her 1950s heyday.

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  1. Outrageous curves! I'm glad she had a long and happy marriage. All too often the great beauties also seem to have an unhappy emotional life.

    1. Absolutely! It made a very nice change to come across such a happy ending.


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