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Saturday 10 March 2018

Review: Skull Shaver

In which G.M. Norton celebrates a super smooth dome.

Since becoming part of the baldie brethren, up until the last month, I was shaving my head with a razor.

Looking around at all the shaved headed men, I thought this task would be quite a simple one. But that’s not really been the case at all.
Trying to shave across the contours of my cranium is a challenge and a half. I did try to shave with my safety razor but found the back of the head very difficult to do (it’s all about the angle of the razor with the safety).

Nicks and cuts were becoming a common occurrence. And as I was running a razor across my head every day, yesterday’s cut wasn’t having a chance to heal before the blade would strike red again.

Add to that a burning scalp and the shaving experience wasn’t as enjoyable as it started out as. Beginning to dread it, I decided to seek out alternatives.

I’d heard about these new fangled ergonomic electric razors that you fit in the palm of your hand and move around your head. However, out of the handful of options out there, they didn’t seem to get that super close cut that I wanted. Neither do any clippers.

In the end, the best option I could find was a product called the Skull Shaver Pitbull. An American company, they also have an EU store. After watching and reading every review I could find, I discovered that since launching, there have been two previous iterations of the Skull Shaver product with iffy results. It seems that with old versions, it's quite common that the shaver will just suddenly stop working, with users lucky to get a year out of the thing.  

With the new Pitbull model, Skull Shaver assure customers that the new version is a vast improvement, stating they "tore down our old product and rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on quality and durability."

Taking them on their word, I bought their mid-range Gold Pitbull after deciding that Skull Shaver's Silver model wasn't quite good enough and their Platinum model was obscenely expensive.

So, what the crivens do I make of it?

Well, so far, so good. I use it every day with it only taking around five minutes to get a completely smooth shave. As my hair still insists on growing thick and fast (except for the balding top), I sometimes shave it twice a day.

Running the Skull Shaver over my head feels quite relaxing too, like a little massage.

Handily, the battery life is displayed on the top so I know when I need to charge it. Much better than being left with a half shaved head. The Pitbull is also waterproof too and as it's cordless, I can carry out the deed anywhere.

I'm finding that the head shaver still performs well on a low charge, as I did watch a couple of reviews that thought the power wasn't quite as good when the battery was lower.

It's very comfortable to hold and the rotary blades are flexible so reach the tricky areas (with the razor, I found this to be the crease on the back of my head).  

At just shy of £100, it is expensive, quashing those comments about saving money when you forgo the old head hair. But it has been completely worth it so far, with no more cuts being the massive bonus. I just hope it will continue and be a loyal companion over the years.

I do plan to update this review after a year of using the Skull Shaver so you know if it still works!
Here's another nice mess!

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  1. Hey mate, how have you found this product as time passed on. I am considering the Pit bull Gold as well.


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