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Saturday 24 February 2018

New goodies from Cravat Club

In which G.M. Norton champions a best of British brand.

If I had to pick my favourite purveyor of gentleman's accessories, my instant response would be Cravat Club.

As well as offering the finest cravats I've ever had the pleasure of wearing, since launching in 2014, they've broadened their range into pocket squares, neck ties and scarves.

I was recently pleased to see a cravat, pocket square and neck tie added to my collection of Cravat Club goodies.

As always, the three items arrived perfectly packaged in stylish boxes.

The cravat and pocket square are as stunning as always.

The ERASMUS cravat is adorned with anchors and pocket watches and is in a really delightful blue that is rich in colour.
The pocket square is from Cravat Club's NAVIGATOR series. It features a bearded sea captain at the wheel of his ship. It also awash with other seafaring imagery including a beguiling mermaid. 

Available in four colourways, my pocket square is the NAVIGATOR III and boasts rich green and purple.

As I've never handled their neck ties before, I was intrigued to see what they're like.

I received the RHYS neck tie, a dusk pink tie that complements the pocket square very well.
Like everything else offered by Cravat Club, their range of neck ties are all British made and are available woven or printed silk.

The RHYS is the latter. Featuring a paisley pattern, it feels lovely to touch, tie and indeed wear.

This week, I combined the RHYS tie with the NAVIGATOR III pocket square. This was a fun ensemble, giving me a chance to wear a new purple cardigan from Woolovers.
Yesterday, for the traditional #CravatFriday, I worn the ERASMUS cravat with my trusty tweed jacket from Samuel Windsor.

If you're ever in need of a gift for the fellow in your life, or would like to treat yourself, Cravat Club are experts at exceptional accessories (try saying that when you're blotto).

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