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Saturday 18 February 2017

Four shades of grey

In which G.M. Norton declares that grey doesn't need to be dull.

Over the last few days, I’ve found myself wearing a great deal of grey. But far from being dull or bland, I’ve found it to be the perfect canvas on which to get some of my more lavish paints out.

I have a grey suit from M&S that I enjoy wearing. It’s double-breasted with super sharp lapels so usually attracts plenty of compliments. As well as this, I have a grey tweed suit from Messrs Walker Slater of Edinburgh. This is a three-piece suit and is a joy to wear. Perhaps it’s only downside is sometimes, it’s too hot to wear. And that’s coming from somebody who loves being warm and lives in a very wet part of England.

In addition to the suits, I have a twill jacket from Samuel Windsor that I picked up in one of their sale promotions. It’s an interesting jacket. At times, it almost looks blue or purple, depending on what I’m wearing it with.

Finally, I have a grey jacket that I picked up from a beneficiary boutique around four years ago for £1.99. It’s a beautiful jacket, single-breasted with three-buttons. Somebody once asked me if I’d had it tailor made as it was such a good fit. Alas, that was back when I first bought it and a few pounds have crept on since so it’s a little tighter that it once was.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed me charting my sartorial choices most days. Publishing my different looks online with increased regularity has lead me to attempt to try different looks and combinations that I wouldn’t have tried before. I’m really enjoying this little challenge I’ve set myself, rather than being lazy and reaching for the same fail-safe tie, shirt and jacket combination.

It was through documenting my style journey, even more recently adopting a hashtag of my own devising - #StyleItLikeNorty, that I realised quite how much grey I’d been wearing.

Here are four different looks, all with grey suits or jackets. 

Ensemble one

Ensemble two
  • Burgundy knitted Primark tie (from vintage market - yes, really)
  • Plum lambswool M&S cardigan (from charity shop)
  • Checked M&S shirt (from charity shop)
  • Pocket square (sent free from Rampley and Co)
  • Grey twill jacket (bought in the sale from Samuel Windsor) 

Ensemble three
  • Red paisley bowtie (from vintage market)
  • Silk scarf (from charity shop)
  • White spearpoint collar shirt (from eBay)
  • Tintin rocket lapel pin (from eBay)
  • Grey tweed suit (from Walker Slater)

Ensemble four
  • Navy polka dot tie (from charity shop)
  • Made-to-measure shirt (sent free from Santamaria Shirt Makers)
  • Pocket square (sent free from Pretentious Pocket)
  • Captain Haddock lapel pin (from eBay)
  • Grey wool double-breasted M&S suit (from eBay) 
As you can see, I’m a big fan of colour, texture and pattern so that’s what I’ve tried to bring to these looks. You don't need to spend mountains of money either; keep an eye on beneficiary boutiques, stalk eBay to pick up bargains and sign up to business email lists to receive sale alerts.

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