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Saturday 4 February 2017

Double silk

In which G.M. Norton coins the term ‘double silk’.

‘Double silk’ is a phrase that I now claim ownership of (oh go on, you can use it too). Like most things I come up with, this was dreamt up on the spot when I was wearing a silk cravat and pocket square.
As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, my beloved secretly ordered me a pocket square from Cravat Club’s new Japanese Ukiyo-e collection. Then my generous chums at Cravat Club decided to surprise me themselves with one of their cravats. They sent me their INDIANA cravat, which perfectly complements the orange hues in the pocket square.

So suddenly, I found myself fortunate to have both an exquisite pocket square and cravat. How lucky am I? Hence the term ‘double silk’.
Quite often, I’ll wear a mix a cotton pocket square with a silk cravat or vice versa so it is a real luxury to be able to wear silk both around my neck and stuffed in my breast pocket.
The pocket square is called KOUFUKU. With hand-rolled edges, and made from 16oz extra soft silk, it really is luxury personified. The design features a flock of cranes, which are perceived to be mystical creatures known as ‘birds of happiness’. It certainly makes me very happy to look at it.
The cravat is made from a whopping 36oz extra soft silk. It is very weighty, which is excellent as it has a lovely drape helping it to keep relatively wrinkle free (which tends to happen when tying a cravat round your neck). 
Cravat Club picked this one out as I’d mentioned that my favourite colour was orange. At the same time that Cravat Club dispatched INDIANA to come and live with me, I was busy dedicating myself to the Indiana Jones film challenge so it struck me as a strange occurrence when I found out that the cravat was also called INDIANA.
I’m now the proud owner of two cravats and two pocket squares from Cravat Club. For a couple of years, we worked together on World Cravat Day and we managed to meet in person at a Best of Britannia event in London a couple of years ago. I may be biased, but Jenny that runs Cravat Club with her business partner Julian is a really lovely person who I consider a friend. In this world of social media and digital craziness that is modern life, it is especially nice to make friendships like this.
If you have a special occasion coming up or fancy treating the special man in your life, then I would wholeheartedly recommend Cravat Club. Their service is incredible and their choice of designs beggars belief. Both KOUFUKU and INDIANA arrived the very next day, and in the most perfect luxurious packaging possible. 

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  1. They really are works of art, you could frame those pocket squares!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments Gary, you're most kind. I hope we can meet again this year. We'll be at Goodwood Member's Meeting and Revival this year if you can make it?

    1. You are most welcome, Jenny! I would absolutely love to go to Goodwood Revival but fear it unlikely to happen this year. It just gets so terribly expensive, especially when travelling from the North. One day!

  3. Double silk>double denim!

    (I honestly can't imagine you in double denim. Perish the thought!)

    1. Double denim, you say? I may have done that in my youth but there's no photographic evidence to support it. At least, I think there isn't...


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