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Saturday 25 February 2017

Bow ties are cool

In which G.M. Norton takes a bow.

I do love a bow tie and over the last few weeks, I’ve found myself wearing them more and more. It all started when my five year old daughter asked me to wear one as it made me look “handsome and smart”. I now find that both my daughters seem to appreciate them, and generally, the world at large.

Bow ties seem to make people smile and I like that. Not just intoxicated people, although they are probably the more vocal about their love. Sat in an eatery, I notice my fellow humans admiring the silk bow around my neck. Passing somebody in the street brings the same reaction.
I picked up some new bow ties recently from a Chinese seller on Messrs E&Bay. This followed a tip-off from Mr Pike, who previously penned a couple of guest entries on this very periodical. The recommendation came a year or two ago, but then, I’m not known for moving particularly fast.
I must admit, I do admire the perfectly arranged bow ties that I see in photographs. My efforts are a little more haphazard and askew, but I quite enjoying basking in imperfection.

I can see a few more bow ties being purchased from my man in Hong Kong. As my wardrobe is fit for bursting at the moment, I can probably get away with it as after all, they're only little things so don’t take up too much room.

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