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Saturday 28 January 2017

All decked out

In which G.M. Norton is smitten with his new jacket.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I recently managed to snaffle a reproduction N1 deck jacket from Messrs E & Bay.

Given that I'm so attached to it, I thought I would show it off.
There's an iconic pictorial of actor and sauce entrepreneur, Paul Newman, wearing one. Isn't it extraordinary how a jacket can transform you to look like one of the most handsome men alive? Paul's enormously lucky to now look more like me.  He just needs to grow a beard now and take that cigarette out of his mouth.

During the Second World War when it was bitingly cold, the US Navy had the brains to don something that would keep them warm - that piece of clothing was the N1 deck jacket.

Wearing it, I don't feel any more American. Unless being American involves feeling amazingly warm. If that's the case, then I'm now a bonafide Yank.
This jacket has a really timeless quality about it too. No wonder it is the longest serving jacket in the history of the US Navy. The original wartime version was made from cotton jungle cloth and lined with alpaca pile. At the end of the war, there was a surplus of jackets left so many civilians gladly bought them from their local army and navy shop. 
The jacket I managed to get hold of is made by Spiewak, one of the original producers of the jackets in the 1940s. I've struggled to find out much about it, but it's from Spiewak's Golden Fleece range, which is their premium 'heritage' line.  
The jacket has a lovely sturdy zip. Once you've zipped it all the way up, you can trap out the cold completely by closing the storm placket and fastening the six buttons. 

With the thick lining, the jacket feels like a warm hug. Marvellous. That's my kind of clothing.
I can already see that I'm going to enjoy many years of warmth with this jacket. We're the best of pals already. I'm now ready for an adventure on the high seas....but perhaps I'll just go home and have a mug of a hot chocolate. 
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  1. That looks like a super cosy jacket! They don't make linings like that anymore. My husband has a few '40s coats and they are indeed so much warmer than modern ones. He doesn't have an N1 deck jacket though so I shall have to start looking for one!!

    1. Army surplus shops could well still be a good hunting ground!


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