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Saturday 29 December 2018

I've been expecting you

In which G.M. Norton strokes a cat and plots world domination.

It's now a whole year since I reached for the razor and removed the hair from the top of my head.

One year of being a baldie, a slap head, a skinhead. Or as I prefer to think of myself, a Bond villain.

I must say, I've absolutely loved the last hair-free year. There's something very liberating about it.

One change I have noticed is that for  the first nine months or so, I had to shave my head every single day without fail; I abhorred the rough feeling as the hairs began to grow back, preferring it as smooth as possible. I was even known to shave it twice in one day. Now I occasionally go a day, or sometimes even two, without shaving it off.

I wear a lot of hats, and enjoy not having the worry of 'hat hair'.

When I see an old photograph of me with hair, I do feel a slight pang. But I'm very much a realist, and remember that with every passing day, my hair was like an army losing a battle - continuing to retreat further and further back and reducing in numbers.

I've embraced my new situation. And that is what one should always try to do. To make the best of it, to seek out the positives.

I'm a Bond villain and by Jove, I like it.

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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  1. You suit both looks - a well-dressed chap can never look bad. And so many people get hung up on hair, I bet seeing you looking fantastic really helps men who are losing their hair and feeling bad about themselves.


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