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Saturday 8 September 2018

Norton of Morton is now officially ancient

In which G.M. Norton celebrates Norton of Morton’s sixth birthday.

Can you believe it? Today, this electronic periodical turns the grand old age of six years old. In blogging years, that’s quite something.

I must be honest and confess that when I revealed my battle with depression last year, I wasn’t sure how long Norton of Morton would continue for. I decided that I would carry on for as long as I was enjoying it. And I’m pleased to report that I still love it, and from a more personal point of view, while there’s been the occasional day or two where I’ve not felt tip-top, the black dog hasn’t been an unwelcome house guest.

As loyal readers will be well aware, I publish a brand new post every Saturday at 4 o’clock and in six years, I’ve not missed a single one.

So, what’s happened in the last 12 months? Well, the biggest thing to happen to Norton of Morton in the last year was an update to the blog’s furnishings. However, my top five periodical highlights are:

I was lucky enough to visit a trouser factory and bought my first pair of made-to-measure high-waisted trousers.

As well as the blog changing it’s look, I’ve also gone through a big change too when I bid adieu to my hair and shaved the lot off.  

Imagining if the Bond films had been made differently. This was a fun piece to write as I struggled with a spot of insomnia. 

After not wearing jeans for absolutely yonks, I finally found a pair that cut the mustard. 

I'd long harboured a dream of visiting a shoe factory and thanks to Percy Stride, I can cross it off my list.  

For extra chortles, here's my first ever periodical post, published on that momentous day of Saturday 8th September 2012. 

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'


  1. Congratulations on a milestone achievement- may there be many more!
    Niall McGuinness, Edinburgh

    1. Thanks awfully, dear chap! Very kind indeed.

  2. Congratulations! I'm 15 years into beer blogging but, liike with "dog years", I am pretty sure they don't match 6 of dashing haberdashery.

    1. 15 years, blimey! That is an impressive feat and a lot of beer.

    2. Well, if it is a lot of beer, it has led to my interest in dressing better. It's good to not always look like a 6'3" sack of potatoes.


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