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Saturday 15 September 2018

Considered classics: The Barbour coat

In which G.M. Norton babbles on about Barbour.

This week, I've been reaching for my Barbour border jacket. While wearing it, it struck me that it might make a rather nice mini-series to focus on classic items that are the best in class. 

So first up, the Barbour...

The Barbour coat is one of menswear's all time classics and just screams British country style. 

Completely waterproof, it's shielded your favourite protagonist from snow and ice, but also worn on a pleasant amble through the woods in the autumn. 

Despite being quite a rugged and practical item, it is perfectly at home on top of a shirt, tie and jacket. 

Made in the South Shields, which to those outside of Britain, is in the north of England, the Barbour is a true warhorse. I acquired my Barbour in 2011, bought second hand from Messrs E & Bay. It was in quite new condition when we first got acquainted, but now it is very much battle scarred. But in my view, that is precisely how a Barbour should look.

A waxed cotton jacket, it's developed a small hole in one place and the sleeves are becoming a little frayed. It will probably need a little maintenance carrying out on it in a couple of years, but I like the character that it's displaying. 

It's reassuring to know that Barbour offer a repair and reproofing service, which I may take them up on in the future. 

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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  1. Love mine, I’ve waxed it myself once with was a bit of a saga, sent it in for major repairs and waxing last year, came back better than new with new lower sleeve halfs, resulting two tone is very cool. I’ve already torn another hole near the pockets so might need to send again,


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