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Saturday 3 February 2018

Ever evolving style

In which G.M. Norton thinks about clothes. And food.

I must confess, I spend much of my waking life thinking about two things. The first is food, which I absolutely adore, and the second is menswear.
Unfortunately for me, the food I eat has a detrimental effect on the fit of my clothes, although in truth, I quite like my larger build. I'd just like to lose half a stone so that some of my jackets aren't quite as snug as they are at the moment.

During the dark, wet winter, I crave hot tasty food so with a bit of luck, once spring has sprung, I won't be seeking quite as much comforting stodge and can shift a few pounds.

Over the last couple of years, I've been making a conscious effort to improve the casual side of my wardrobe.

I felt like I had the tailored look to a reasonable standard but realised that the true art of dressing well is being able to  dress well at dressing down.

As a father of two, the life I lead means that I can't always be clad in a suit or a nice silk tie. And heck, I don't always want to. There are times that I want to be a little more relaxed, and not have to worry about ruining something.
SJC rust work shirt

SJC work shirt and Spencers trousers

SJC 33 short wool jacket and work shirt

SJC grey flannel cap

SJC mustard long-sleeve polo with collar stand
My absolute favourite outfitters at the moment is Simon James Cathcart, or SJC as it's also known. Simon produces vintage inspired clothes, with tailoring and workwear options galore. I particularly love his shirts, caps and polos. Essential items for any self-respecting, style conscious fellow.

My main aim for 2018 is to improve my trouser game. I received my first pair of Spencers trousers in November last year and I'm now completely and utterly converted to the wonder of made to measure trousers. So my plan for this year is to focus on adding a few more pairs of Spencers to my overly bulging wardrobe. I'm planning a grey wool pair next, followed by a cream moleskin and a tan moleskin.

In an effort to be able to fully close my wardrobe doors, I also intend to be ruthless and donate a number of items to the beneficiary boutiques that I've benefitted so greatly from over the years. It's important to give something back and hopefully, the clothing that I donate will be enjoyed by others with an eye for style.
Community Clothing peacoat

Other plans for this year are to add a 100% wool peacoat (I have my eye on one from Community Clothing), a smart pair of boots and a few more hats (essential when one is bereft of hair).

Anyway, that's enough clothes talk for one day. Now, what's for dinner?

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