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Saturday 17 June 2017

Style icon: Howard Stark

In which G.M. Norton gets clothes envy. 

I’ve been enjoying a few Marvel television shows recently, my favourite being Agent Carter which is set in 1946 America, following the Allies victory against fascism in the Second World War. Full of enthralling action, daredevil adventure and truly glorious period costumes, I quickly consumed the two mini-series that were made (sadly the series was subsequently cancelled - boo and indeed, hiss).

Hayely Atwell’s title character, Agent Peggy Carter, is a clever, resourceful and not to mention beautiful agent struggling in a chauvinistic 1940s world. Her entire wardrobe is absolutely first rate but as a menswear enthusiast, my eyes were of course drawn to Peggy's chum, Howard Stark (played by Dominic Cooper), who like real-life inspiration Howard Hughes, is an inventor, film director and international playboy. 
It was a true delight every time Stark appeared on screen, which is sadly limited during the first series  as he is evading the authorities after being accused of treason. Which is of course complete twaddle. Thankfully he has the support of Peggy who risks her career and indeed, life, to clear her friend's name. 

Post war America was a strange time for menswear with men keen to conform in the same dark business attire, after returning from active military service. Thankfully, Mr Stark brightens things up with his choice of attire.
Howard’s style is quite casual on the whole but in a high-end, luxury playboy sort of way. I think there’s only a couple of times that he wears a suit but other than that, he’s starking (I just made that up) about in some exquisite jackets. Usually with a collar popped over the top for good measure.

Some of these pictorials that I've sourced come from the 2011 feature film, Captain America, where viewers are first introduced to Peggy and Howard.

I for one absolutely love Howard's dressed down style. As you know, I'm all for presenting myself in a more formal way but for me, it's a real art to continue to dress stylishly and with some level of panache when wearing casual clothing.
I've previously prattled on about Hollywood legend, Clark Gable, who I feel is the King of Casual, with Steve McQueen and President Kennedy a close second and third.
Of course, when Stark wants to suit up, he looks head and shoulders above anybody else in the room. The man is effortlessly stylish.

Well, all I can add is that I'm jealous. I'd love a wardrobe and bank balance like Howard. Access to a speedboat would also be enormous fun.

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  1. I noticed his dapper attire too - and yes, a speedboat would be fun!

    1. Such a dapper chap! Everybody wants a speedboat - especially darts show contestants.


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