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Saturday 30 July 2016

Clark Gable - King of Casual

In which G.M. Norton admits his man crush.

Chumrades, it's time that I came clean. I have a bit of a thing for Mr. Clark Gable. As my most recent Style Icon, I'm afraid I paid Clark a disservice by failing to capture him in more relaxed attire.
As an aficionado of casual clothing, Clark pulled off the dressed down look with aplomb. 

Most of the photographs of Clark are taken with his wife, Carole Lombard, at their ranch. It's clear for all to see that he was besotted with her, and she him. It was so sad that his beloved died in a plane crash in 1942, while returning home from a World War II war bonds tour. To honour Carole's death, Clark joined the US Army Air Force.

A simple crew neck jumper is a look that can be replicated with ease. I'd assume that it's a camel or oatmeal colour.

You can't beat a good shirt. Note the up-turned collar from Clark. 

Another fine look is a dark short-sleeved shirt, paired with a cravat and wool trousers, with signature pleats. 

The look actually reminds me of this illustration from last week's summer style entry.

Again, favouring a darker colour palette, Clark is pictured here with a black shirt and denim jeans. I've got to admit, I'm not a very big fan of these jeans worn by Mr. Gable. I've not worn a pair of jeans for quite some time but I could be tempted, if I can find the right pair of selvedge denims with the necessary high rise. Never say never. If I do come across some, I'd take a leaf out of Clark's book and pair them with a black gab shirt. 

Finally, we have the sleeveless pullover - one with necktie and one without. I love the second knit, which is not to dissimilar to a cashmere slipover from Oldfield Clothing.

So, there you have it. Casual wear, with devil may care flair. 

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  1. He certainly does have that casual flair! More inspiration to bookmark and pass to the husband..

  2. Carole Lombard is one of my all time favourite's and I love that her and Clark were totally in love. What a truly stunning couple and serious relationship goals!

  3. He looks so good in casualwear. He seems to relax so effortlessly, like a cat. It's a big part of his particular charm.


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