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Saturday 10 June 2017

The pied piper of peace

In which G.M. Norton finds the perfect excuse to publish lots of pictures of pipes.

For the last few weeks here in Blighty, you haven’t been able to escape from a constant shower of political views as we edged towards a general election, held last Thursday.

Although I have strong political views, this periodical is not the place to delve into such matters. I like to keep things more light-hearted. So here’s lots of pictorials of one of Britain’s finest ever politicians, Mr Tony Benn. Why? Well, he just exudes style. And to be completely honest, after only two hours sleep on election night, I'm running on empty and an afternoon nap sounds like absolute heaven.  

Perhaps you have stumbled through life and endless Facebook political posts without making the acquaintance of Tony Benn. If that's the case, I'd urge you to watch this rather fine speech that he delivered in Parliament, where he warned of the repercussions if we bombed Iraq. The chap certainly had a point.

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  1. I commend you on your ability to keep style and political opinion separate. Does the magazine you edit manage the same? I ask as I'm looking for a replacement for The Chap, which has sadly not been able to keep Dandyism and modern politics apart.

    1. Thanks awfully, old chap. In Retrospect is written by some fabulous writers, all with their own opinions so I couldn't claim that all content is always completely neutral but there's no specific articles on politics. History, fashion, style, culture, leisure, transport and people!


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