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Saturday 21 June 2014

Victory is ours!

In which G.M. Norton emerges victorious.

Chumrades, I have exciting news to impart! (Although if you have made the commendable decision to follow me on the Twittering Device, Facebook or Instagram, then this will be old news).

{ Please imagine a drum roll being played, preferably by the rather dapper Mr. Charlie Watts off of The Rolling Stones }

I am quite flabbergasted to tell you that Norton of Morton has been crowned the best vintage blog in the whole kingdom. “Twaddle! Codswallop!” I hear you cry. No, really. I have. Look, see for yourself, I have the trophy and everything.

The award ceremony for The National Vintage Awards was held on Thursday 19th June, so very little time has passed between then and now. I am still feeling rather elated, I must confess.

It was a wonderfully glamorous affair, with ‘the vintage elite’ all gathered in one place for an evening of live entertainment, quaffing of alcoholic beverages (mine’s a gin and tonic, thanks very much) and much mingling.

Due to complex childcare arrangements and the small matter of the England football team playing in the World Cup, I made the journey alone on Thursday. I was by no means on my own though as the vintage community is a friendly one, especially the North West smashers who were out in force.

It was lovely meeting Gwyneth again from Vintage Afternoon Teas, along with her mother and her friend Jane, who are part of the cake and tea making team. They won ‘best vintage event supplier’ – highly worthy!

Then there was the newly-crowned vintage personality of the year, Kiki deVille, who was thoroughly deserving of her accolade.

Here we are all together, Gwyneth on the left and Kiki taking centre stage.

For one night only, I also joined the 'Puttin’ On The Blitz!' barbershop quartet who also emerged triumphant with the ‘best entertainment’ gong. What lovely chaps!

It was a truly wonderful evening, hosted by the talented Lola Lamour who entertained us with a number of songs throughout the ceremony. 

The beautiful blonde bombshell, Bexi Owen, also lit up the stage with an endearing performance, despite being under the weather. What a trooper!

A thousand thanks to everybody that voted for this periodical. Of course, last year, it scooped the best vintage blog in Manchester crown, so to have followed this up with the best in Blighty is truly magnificent. 

I received so much support from people but I must single out Jim off of Dipsy Doodle Vintage for special recognition.

Thanks also to Kate Molloy for organising such a spiffing event! 

Now, I must leave you to look at the trophy again in wonderment. Isn't it a beauty?  
G.M. Norton
Protagonist of ‘Norton of Morton’



  1. Congratulations! That's great :)

    1. Thanks awfully, dear lady! I'm over the moon.

  2. Well done to you sir!

    The chaps would like to officially welcome you as our back up singer and declare to the world that you are a top bloke and an all round good egg.

    All the best. The chaps from Puttin' on the Blitz!

    1. Back up singer? Given my limited vocal ability, that is indeed an honour! Congratulations to you too, along with the rest of the chaps that make up your rather fine group. It was wonderful to meet you all. Pip pip!

  3. Congratulations! That's amazing, and well deserved. I hope you have a special place to put the trophy?

    I must confess that I switched over to Bloglovin a while ago, and I don't believe I put your blog in my reading list, so I am afraid I may have missed a whole chunk of your posts...

    P x

    1. Terribly kind of you, dear Porcelina! I am flabbergasted, I must say. The trophy is currently taking pride of place on the old mantelpiece.

      I'm enormously pleased you have rectified your reading list faux pas and Norton of Morton will now be gracing your mailbox with weekly updates. With something new every Saturday at 4 o'clock, by my reckoning, I will be included in your Sunday morning correspondence.


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