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Saturday 3 August 2013

The perfect summer outfit

In which G.M. Norton makes his first foray into party hosting but must find suitable gentlemanly attire for the occasion.

Last weekend I was hired to host a lady’s birthday party. Held at a sports club boasting a cricket pitch and tennis courts, the party had a vintage tea party theme.

To make a suitably bold presence, I was keen to wear the classic summer outfit for a gentleman – a skimmer, boating blazer and cream trousers. Unfortunately, the hat and blazer were both items I did not yet possess.

So, I did what any self-respecting aspiring gentleman would do and I scoured the net far and wide, even appealing for assistance on the Twittering Device.

I was after the classic two button boating blazer rather than the more 60s inspired three buttoned version as favoured by Mods.

Naturally, I turned to Messrs E&Bay but with only a fortnight before the big day, the bold blazer I coveted was distinctly lacking. That was until I chanced upon ASOS Marketplace where a seller by the name of SooSoo Vintage was listing a striking green and black number. 

Priced at £65, it was an absolute steal when compared to the absurd prices charged at the high-end boating blazer boutiques. I quite fancy getting an embroidered Norton of Morton shield to sew onto the breast pocket – what do you think?

The hat was much easier to come by – I simply toddled across to Village Hats, as recommended by Eclectic Ephemera and Porcelina’s World.
The birthday party was a roaring success as I welcomed guests on arrival with a glass of Pimm’s. I even got to enjoy a little cricket before the Heavens opened.
Here is my ensemble

Skimmer from Village Hats – £21.95
Boating blazer from SooSoo Vintage – £65
Bow tie from The Magical Tree Vintage & Retro at Stockport’s Vintage Village - £3
White shirt from The Mustard Tree in Eccles - £2
Cream trousers from Scope in Eccles - £4
Oxblood loafers from Oxfam in Swinton - £6
TOTAL – £101.95

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of ‘Norton of Morton’


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  1. Oh I love this- you need to go punting in Cambridge ;-)


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