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Saturday 2 February 2019

Snow chic

In which G.M. Norton is whiter than white.

This week in T'North of England, we had some snow. Not a great deal of it, but still, the landscape was white, it was icy underfoot and I had to put grit down on my garden path (this is not a euphemism). Ever better, this year's snow made exceedingly good snow balls, unlike other years where the white stuff just wouldn't stick together. 

As is the case when snow hits, I reach for a few trusty items. Namely, my vintage Gloverall duffle coat, a sturdy pair of boots with a very thick commando rubber sole, a hat to keep the cold off my bald dome and lots of wool.

Wednesday's look

Woolly Pully jumper from Outdoor Knitwear

Thursday's look

Smiths Antarctic watch - 60 years old!

Made in England Cravat Club pocket square and Outdoor Knitwear roll neck jumper

Friday's look

My Faire leather briefcase never fails me

William Lennon boots and Samuel Windsor corduroy trousers

In case you're wondering, this rather fancy titled floor is at Rochdale Town Hall. I couldn't resist a quick snap of it while visiting for a gathering of techie super villains. 

The boots are from William Lennon. Made in Derbyshire, they're not as elegant as I usually prefer, but when the cold weather hits, it's reassuring to have a big old pair of boots to stomp around in. 

If the weather is cold where you are, do wrap up warm and tread carefully. 

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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