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Saturday 26 August 2017

Review: Madcap England velvet breed jacket

In which G.M. Norton unleashes his 1960s dandy.

When I was five years old, I was interviewed by the local newspaper (goodness knows why). One of the questions posed to me was the old favourite, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”. My response was that a career in the police force beckoned. Possibly influenced by a plastic toy policeman that was strewn across my bedroom floor, while his motorcycle lay on its side, wheels spinning.
As the years passed by, my career aspirations have changed somewhat. 

Deep down, I wanted to be a rock star like my 1960s musical heroes. Alas, an inability to sing in tune combined with pitiful guitar playing meant that that those hopes were dashed (although I was quite good at Day Tripper by The Beatles and Radiohead’s Street Spirit).
Even today, I continue to dream. At the moment, I quite fancy being handed the keys to the TARDIS as Doctor Who.
Recently, online outfitters Atom Retro were kind enough to offer me the choice of something from their Madcap England range. With police officer, rock star and timelord all spinning around in my very alarmed mind, I opted for one of their velvet jackets in (boys in) blue.

At last, I feel like the rock god, time travelling and law-enforcing fellow that I’ve always aspired to be. Atom Retro have literally made my dreams come true.
I absolutely adore this clothing masterpiece. It’s extremely dandyish with an enormous collar and double-breasted buttoning arrangement that are very pleasing to the eye. I was a little worried that the sizing would come up a little on the small side but I need not have concerned myself, chums – the sizing was very accurate indeed. The shade of blue is a particular joy too and with a fetish for texture, I can’t stop stroking the super soft velvety goodness.
I must admit, last year I noticed a very dandyish fellow in the wine version of this jacket so have had my eye on this little number ever since. I have no hesitation in recommending it to you if you too harbour similar dreams.
Of course, if my spiffy new jacket isn’t something you’d be brave enough to wear, do take a look at the other Madcap England offerings from a classic plain black turtleneck jumper (which I also covet) through to polos, cardigans and some lovely racing knitwear, which I can imagine Steve McQueen slipping on. 

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  1. That's a splendid jacket. Can't beat a nice bit of velvet. I look at Atom Retro's site a lot, though I've never bought anything from them.

    1. I really adore velvet. I bought a few things around 2004/2005, back when I was following a very 1960s path. They're knits are very nice indeed.


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