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Saturday 15 April 2017

He is risen

In which G.M. Norton is not here for he has risen.

Not only is tomorrow Easter Sunday, but it also happens to be my birthday. 35 years old. Thank you, that's very sweet of you. Yes, I do look young. And yes, sometimes I do get challenged for ID when buying alcohol. Okay, that last bit isn't true, at least since I've been sporting face whiskers. 

I like Easter and not just because it's my birthday. After all, unlike Christmas Day, Easter has no fixed date (which I must admit, I find this a little annoying).  Plus, I don't really do birthdays. 

Anyway, yes, I like Easter. After all, what's not to like? Not only did the son of God come back from the dead, which is a little far-fetched even for Christianity, but there's the small matter of eating lots and lots of chocolate. 
For some reason and despite not being religious, I gave up something for Lent. As I couldn't give up buying clothes (I have a problem with that), I bravely relinquished full English breakfasts, which I am very partial to eating. 

Now I was expecting to feeling some kind of health benefit but alas, I feel exactly the same as I did at the start of the 40 day countdown. Ah well. 

I've been off with my two daughters this week, which was interrupted slightly by installing a new bath tub. Perhaps I should word that differently so please allow me to start again. My week off was interrupted slightly by watching my father install a new bath tub. I did try to get stuck in, carrying and heaving both old and new bath tubs upstairs, downstairs and in the lady's chamber. I almost got my fingers caught between the bath and wall and I had had to crouch down on the floor a couple of times as I checked for leaks. But the result is that we now have a new bath tub, which is wonderful and long-overdue. I really am eternally grateful to Mr Norton Snr. 

Between then, I've enjoyed a picnic, been to the park, played boardgames, enjoyed the wonder of an afternoon nap and eat nice lunches, which is the benefit of being at home. 
The weather has been a bit rubbish, but to be completely truthful, it's allowed me to wear tweed so I'm pleased.

Anyway, enough rambling. Did I mention it's my birthday tomorrow?

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