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Saturday 19 November 2016

Far Flung Floyd

In which G.M. Norton makes a new friend.

I’m enormously excited to have made a new chum in the last week or so. His name is Floyd and since he arrived at Norton Manor, we’ve been virtually inseparable.

Once in a blue moon, you just hit it off like you’ve been friends forever.
What’s more, Floyd is a colourful character, is always on hand to listen patiently to my waffle and at a moment’s notice, will wrap himself around me and keep me protected from the cold Manchester air.
Before I continue any further and get into a whole heap of trouble with my beloved, I should perhaps explain that Floyd is a stunning tweed travel jacket from those fine folk at English Utopia.

A Yorkshire based enterprise, it was English Utopia that introduced me to Floyd. If you read gentleman's journal, The Chap magazine, you may have noticed a page dedicated to the plain green herringbone version of this jacket in the latest edition. 

Kindly offered one for review, Floyd arrived less than 24 hours later. It was as if a Fairy Tweed Godmother had waved a magic wand in my direction. Those horse and carts must travel extraordinarily fast in that there Yorkshire.
Available in four different colourways, my Floyd tweed jacket is a lovely dark green check number. Other colours are plain green herringbone, green check and brown plaid. Boasting leather trim, wooden buttons and a ravishing red lining, it really is the bee’s knees. It is full of little sartorial details that leave admirers of garments salivating.

I mean, just look at these fully working cuffs, with that delicious lining peeking out.
Then there’s the patch pockets, which can be securely fastened to store one’s betting slip, tobacco pouch or calling cards.

Delving inside, there's this discreet poachers pocket.
The fellow behind Floyd and English Utopia is one Gary Newbold. A frightfully good egg, Gary was previously head designer at Barbour. Obviously knowing a thing or two about outerwear, including the classic waxed jacket, Gary set up his own company. 
Gary revels in creating classic tailored items with that all-important twist. That’s why he made Floyd in such a way. As I’m sure you’ve already realised, he’s not your typical tweed jacket. Borrowing elements from hacking and Norfolk jackets, Floyd could perhaps be described as one part outerwear and part one sports jacket. 

Floyd is beautifully tailored, with a natural shoulder and three buttons which feel reassuringly tactile to touch. Made from wool, with brushed Italian cotton and leather trim detail, it is also lovely and warm. Yet it is also lightweight enough to fold up relatively small and pack in your bag. After all, you never know when you may find yourself accepting a wager to circumnavigate the globe within 80 days.

As I've already touched upon, Floyd has pockets galore - in addition to the three on the front of the jacket and the poachers pocket, there's also a rather useful zipped inside pocket. 
The jacket also has a throat latch, allowing you to throw up your lapels and fasten it in place to protect you from the elements.
The Floyd tweed jacket is a limited edition piece, and available directly from English Utopia for £369.

English Utopia offer clothing for both ladies and gentlemen, with a super selection of coats and jackets. 
Would I recommend English Utopia? Absolutely! The biggest compliment I can pay is that Floyd has hardly been off my back since it arrived. Amen to that continuing.

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  1. Wow, that lining really is splendid. And it looks like a jacket that is extra-practical too. (Men's clothes always seem more practical than women's, but that one is especially so.)


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