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Saturday 1 October 2016

Tartan and tweed

In which G.M. Norton talks up tartan and tweed.

Goodness me, it’s October! Where does the time fly, chumrades?

After a warm month or so, the mornings and evenings have been decidedly colder this week so I’ve been diving into the warm bosom of tweed.

As regular readers will nod in agreement, I don’t need much encouragement where this much-loved material is concerned.

Here are a few pictorials that I’ve snapped this week for Instagram, including this tartan hanky.

The autumn issue of In Retrospect contains a rather wonderful 12 page fashion spread on tweed and tartan, in the style of a Scottish society soiree.

The models, including my chums Binty Bun and Tom Carradine, look absolutely exquisite. Tom is even pictured wearing a kilt for some traditional Highland styling.

If you’ve not got yourself a copy of issue 08 yet, I’d be enormously grateful if you would snap one up. We’re only a small enterprise so rely on sales keep the magazine running. I may be biased, but In Retrospect is a super publication absolutely full of entertaining and insightful articles. 

Of course, as an added extra, you get to read more from your favourite protagonist (that’s me, of course).

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  1. Smashingly styled, as ever!

    In Retrospect is my favourite vintage mag, but as a fellow writer, I'm biassed :-D


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