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Saturday 23 July 2016

Dressing for the summer

In which G.M. Norton studies period fashion illustrations for some summer inspiration.

This week in Blighty, we’ve experienced something of a heatwave. Of course, we've also had thunder and lightning and the usual rain. But sunshine, nonetheless. 

While I find it relatively easy to dress in the colder months, dressing for the warmer months can be quite the hard slog, as it were. On the other hand, ladies seem to have the opposite conundrum and positively embrace sunshine while bemoaning winter.

In order to seek some inspiration from the halcyon days of yesteryear, I've been seeking out period illustrations from the likes of 1930's Esquire and Apparel Arts. Laurence Fellows was one of the more prominent fashion artists, with a distinctive style. Of course, other artists soon started to imitate his style.

These fine thirties fellows certainly show how it should be done.

I really admire this gentleman's style - the perfect example of casual, well-tailored elegance. A double-breasted suit, in a lighter summery colour and what appears to be a pink polo shirt (judging by the placket) with a spearpoint collar. 
These two gentlemen appear to be in the middle of a serious conversation. Perhaps they lost too much at the tables the previous night? At least they still have the shirts on their backs. And what a fine shirt the lucky blighter on the left is wearing. 
Look at this sporty chap in his woven cotton checked jacket, white flannel trousers and brown calf and buckskin shoes.

The extension tab on the collar of his jacket is an interesting feature. If the weather turns, it allows one to seek some protection against the elements.
With mischievous grins, this pair are clearly up to no good. Still, at least they look stylish committing whatever nefarious act it was. The man on the left has gone for the safe option with his choice of colours but then white and navy are a classic combination. He just runs the risk of blending into his deckchair on the beach.
This is a nice range of different looks, with the captions providing detail on the various outfits. The smarty-dressed gentleman in the hopsack suit is certainly cutting a dash. Interestingly the suit jacket is bereft of breast pocket. The green semi-sports hat and club tie add some all-important colour. 
I quite like the fellow in maroon. His beach shirt and swim shorts are smart and the yellow silk scarf gives a generous dose of jauntiess. 

As well as studying the different items of clothing, I also enjoy taking a glimpse into the lifestyles of these well-heeled, trend-setting chaps. Whether it's ordering another martini at a bar, lounging around a resort pool or playing tennis, they certainly look like they're enjoying life.

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  1. My husband lives in pale linen suits in summer (and on holiday; he looks so terribly British!). I like it as a look.


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