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Saturday 25 June 2016

Summer reading

In which G.M. Norton idly ponders whether Jerome K. Jerome would approve.

Well, it's officially summer. And by a strange coincidence (it's as if it was planned), the summer issue of In Retrospect is out now and available to get your filthy hands on.
Issue 07 is a real humdinger, chums. We have the best writers in the retrospective scene including those lovely people behind my favourite reads Crinoline Robot, Porcelina's World and Eclectic Ephemera.

Despite this being my sixth issue in an editorial role, I still can't quite believe I'm the Editor-at-Large for such a wonderful independent publication. Excitingly, I was bestowed the honour of writing the editor's introduction page for Issue 07, titled 'From the desk of the editor'. 

I adore the front cover, featuring the divine Katie Olive of The British Belles fame. My fellow Mancunian also writes a blog, The Mid Century Martini, which is definitely worth a meander (apols, I couldn't resist the obvious alliteration). 

So many people are involved in putting the magazine together, from contributors, to illustrators, models to photographers. I really am grateful to each and every person for their time, enthusiasm, dedication and expertise. 

Highlights for issue 07 include Victorian ablutions by Ava Aviación, social class by Mat Keller, a 1930's Shanghai style photo spread, the Hindenburg Disaster by John Coppinger (of Star Wars infamy), vintage bridal hair by Sarah Dunn and suspender belts by Elinor at The Nylon Swish.

My own opinion piece finds me channeling my inner Jerome K. Jerome as I advocate idleness. Previous opinion articles have covered topics such as whether chivalry is sexist (it's not), stamping out snobbery and breaking rules. 
Now, prepare yourself chumrades because we also have our first merchandise, in the form of this lovely lapel/sweetheart pin. We've giving one away with each six issue subscription. An absolute bargain and a chance to own a limited edition adornment to rival the Blue Peter Badge. 
Right-o, that's enough blatant pluggery for this week. I'm off to lounge and saunter.

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  1. Aaaarse I really need to get my act together and finish writing my next article! *Shameface*

  2. It really is a smashing issue x


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