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Saturday 14 March 2015

Norton of Morton becomes editor at In Retrospect magazine

In which G.M. Norton is handed the keys to the In Retrospect kingdom.

Rather exciting news today, chumrades. Much to my delight, I am now an editor at a printed publication of particular note in the vintage world. I refer specifically to that renowned modern magazine for old fashioned people: In Retrospect.

For those who read and digest every tiny morsel of information that I impart, I have been a contributor for In Retrospect since it’s humble beginnings as a digital-only magazine. At the beginning of 2015, co-founder Becca asked if I would assume her position of Copy Editor while she concentrated on the momental task of having a baby. 
As an aspiring gentleman, I willingly stepped into the breach, along with a couple of other contributors that showed extra willing. The results of our handiwork are there for you to see and read in issue 2.

After completing a successful audition process (whoever knew?), I was asked to permanently join the editor ranks by Mat Keller, Editor-in-Chief. Joining the mix is vintage model and historian, Ava Aviación (pictured below at the magazine launch party). 
Giving myself the title of Editor-at-Large/Tea Boy, I’m ready to run amok. Oh crumbs, what have Mat, Becca and Ava let themselves in for? 

Issue 2 is out now and oozing with old-fashioned goodness. Why don’t you take a look at the rather spiffing In Retrospect website and see if it can tempt you enough to buy a copy?

Working with my new partners-in-crime,  I now busy plotting and scheming for the next printed edition, with issue 3 planned for a big summer splash. Big things are afoot.

Hold onto your Panama! 

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of ‘Norton of Morton’


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