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Saturday 19 March 2016

Cheerio Winter, What-ho Spring!

In which G.M. Norton is full of the joys of Spring.

I can hear you now. "Norton, dear boy. You're jumping the gun somewhat! Spring starts next week when the clocks go forwards."

Well astronomically speaking, today is the last day of Winter. Tomorrow is the equinox, where day and night is of equal length. 

For the purposes of this periodical post, I’m siding with the astronomers. Besides, I'm feeling full of the joys of Spring.
I think my joy is two-fold. Earlier this week, my youngest and I watched chicks hatching out in her nursery class. It was rather special! 

The second reason is down to the disappointingly mild Winter we had in Blighty. At least in T’North, where I reside. It seems to me that the last four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter were all squeezed together into a single season known as Rain.
As a wearer of wool and tweed, I tend to favour the colder months. But this year, I’m hoping to enjoy Spring in it’s truest form. With a bit of luck, the other seasons will follow the exemplary example set by Spring and pull their socks up. I expect at least two weeks of glorious sunshine this Summer, followed by a crisp Autumn and an ice-cold Winter. 

So, with Spring here, it’s time to store away my thick coat, scarf and gloves and reintroduce myself into the great outdoors. After all, Spring is a time when you should enjoy the outside world to it's fullest. 
I'm yearning for lashings of fresh air. Perhaps enjoy an amble in the countryside and hear the gentle bleating of lambs as thoughts somehow quickly turn to dinner. Ahem.

Of course, the other thing to do during Spring is to partake in a good old spring clean. So you know what that means, chumrades - it’s time to open up the drinks cabinet and consume all the contents.  This spring cleaning lark is fraught with setbacks.

Once you’ve sobered up, and had a walk to clear your head, your thoughts may turn to changes in your wardrobe. 

Especially if you’re like me and your wardrobe is predominantly made up of thick, warm clothing. I can suddenly hear you again. “Norton, old fruit. Why bother? It’s only going to rain again for the next year.”

Well, if you are thinking that, pull yourself together! Ye have little faith. 

Spring is a super opportunity to introduce some colour. After all, this is the season where beautiful yellow daffodils bloom and pink roses come back from the dead. 

This Spring, my aim is to be more bold in my colour choices and explore some vibrant colours. Taking inspiration from my surroundings, I'm thinking lots of yellow and pink. 

Are you feeling Spring-like?

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'



  1. I'm feeling optimistically Spring-like! The other morning heralded a beautiful morn, balmy and Springy, yet within an hour the temperature plummeted 10 degrees!! So, I shall be heralding Spring with colour, but not any difference in coats... x

    1. Good old British weather! It's just lovely to have more daylight.


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