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Saturday 12 December 2015

Eves&Gray tweed brogues

In which G.M. Norton shows off his subtly extrovert shoes.

As a self-confessed tweedaholic, I’m absolutely cock-a-hoop with my new Wellesley Tweed brogues from the wonderful new enterprise, Eves&Gray.
I first spied Eves&Gray on Instagram where they would insist on teasing me with endless pictorials of sublime shoes. After a while, the addiction took me in it's unforgiving grip and I needed more to feed my footwear desires. What did I do, you may wonder. Well, I liked them on Facebook too.

They only sell shoes at the moment, although as Eves&Gray founder Tim Waring explained to me, they will be expanding into womenswear, bags and men’s smart attire.

The Wellesley Tweed brogues that are on my feet cost £185 and were the very first style that Tim designed. Handmade in Blighty, there are around 30 different shoe styles available so do take a look.
Apart from the Maxamillion boot which is named after his son and heir, Tim has named all the other different styles after aeroplanes (and one aircraft carrier), as a nod to his family’s aviation background.
Tim’s personal inspiration comes from taking respected styles from the past, such as the brogue, and making them subtly extrovert.
As you can see, they really are quite special. The Eves&Gray trademark, if you will, is the heavy splash of purple - purple shoelaces (although brown laces are also provided), purple inner sock and to top it off (or should that be 'bottom it off'), purple soles! The purple sole is actually a top grade rubberised overlay grip, which sits on top of traditional leather soles to provide a little extra protection. 
The inner sock is made of soft goatskin and to provide extra protection, all shoes have had a blast of Scotchguard to protect against the thrills and spills of modern life.
The burnished leather is just beautiful. Upon receiving the shoes, which arrived in a purple Eves&Gray shoe box and dustbag, I couldn't help but just hold them up and admire them. 
As luck would have it, a pair of Marko John's 'Clementine' socks arrived as part of my VIP Sock Club subscription. Featuring a bold orange and purple striped design, the purple perfectly complements the Wellesley Tweed brogues. 
I'm simply overjoyed with the brogues. They fit exceedingly well, are comfortable to wear and look the absolute bee's knees. 
My overjoyed face
G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'



  1. Mr P would like one pair of each brogue please.

    Mrs Elaine Phipps

  2. Very nice indeed! I do like a brogue, but they can sometimes be a bit commonplace, so the addition of the purple touches will certainly make you stand out!


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