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Saturday 12 September 2015

Review: Young Outlaws Club

In which G.M. Norton introduces to you the baddest bag bandit in town.

This week, I’m reviewing a new bag that was very kindly sent to me by Young Outlaws Club.
Now they may not thank me for this, but in complete contrast to their villainous name, I’ve found Young Outlaws Club to be a complete and utter pleasure to deal with.  
The bag that they sent me is their Monroe brown leather briefcase. Cleverly, it also doubles up as a satchel as the strap is removable.

So with my bag in full satchel mode, I can dash through rainforest chases and Temples of Doom a la Indiana Jones. Then, with the quick ejection of my strap, I can return to the daily grind of office life with my professional and grown-up briefcase. 
Samuel Windsor overcoat, Hammond & Co pullover with charity shop shirt and tie
Despite the Indiana Jones connection, until a few years ago, the sight of a man carrying a bag around invited mockery from the small-minded.
Indeed, I was almost caught up in fisticuffs with an inebriated man-ape one evening when he took particular exception to me wearing a ‘handbag’. Thankfully, times have changed a little since those dark days.
Moleskin jeans (charity shop find) with my Harrytech brogue boots
A good bag is a wonderfully stylish addition to a gentleman’s armoury. I’m delighted that companies like Young Outlaws Club exist to help men store all their important manly items.

A ‘man bag’ is essential in today’s world of fancied electronic gadgets and gizmos.  

The Monroe leather bag arrived very securely packed in a sturdy cardboard box. The bag was then wrapped in paper and placed inside a protective dust cover.
On the outside, it has an adjustable and removable strap, chunky grab handle, two front pouch pockets and one zipped pocket at the back. It has a clasp fastening (with key!) and the buckle fastening is completely functional (as opposed to those fake buckles on some bags). 

On the inside, it boasts three internal compartments, plus an extra zip pocket. The three compartments are generous in size with one ideal for your laptop (up to 15”), one large middle section and another with two slip pockets and two pen holders.

Overall, the real leather bag has plenty of room for all the necessities with lots of separate pockets and compartments to store your keys and expensive electronic equipment that you’d prefer not to scratch.

Adjustable and removable strap
Grab handle
Fold-over front
Functional buckle fastening
Clasp fastening (with key)
Two front pouch pockets
Three compartments - one for laptop, one with two small pockets and two pen holders 
Internal and external zip pockets


Width: 41cm
Height: 30cm
Depth: 14cm

Young Outlaws Club have a super range of bags available, with some lovely faux leather ones from less than forty English pounds. But bags aren't the only thing they sell. Oh no! Back to the Future fans can rejoice because they also sell hoverboards. Plus wallets, rings, bracelets, sunglasses, belts and bicycles.
The Monroe brown leather bag is super value at £149. It is a quality bag for the sophisticated man about town, extremely versatile and durable.

Thanks awfully to the Young Outlaws Club for very kindly sending me one of their bags to review.

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