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Saturday 25 April 2015

Tweed Run 2015

In which G.M. Norton find himself in tweed heaven.

This week I bring to you a pictorial post for your peepers. Last Saturday, I travelled from Manchester to the Big Smoke for an In Retrospect editors meeting. Fortuitously, the date for the trip coincided with the ever-popular Tweed Run.
For those not aware, the Tweed Run is an annual cycling event around London. Participants wear their finest tweed and take a leisurely ride through the city, stopping midway for a picnic and some light refreshments. It was quite a sight to be greeted by hundreds of tweed-clad cyclists at the Trafalgar Square meeting point. Tourists were visibly bewildered as they sought confirmation that they'd not slipped through a hole in time and gone back to the 1930s.

Naturally I couldn't help snapping away so here are the results.

The cyclists gather for a group photograph
I met Alan, the wearer of the brightest tweed suit in existence
I also bumped into Mikhail from La Boutique. Mikhail won best dressed at the 2014 Tweed Run.
The dapper Jon Fowler upon his steed
A couple of opportunist bike thieves can't believe their luck
Bethan and Fleur off of The Vintage Mafia
A gentleman intent on proving that smoking is not bad for your health
A chap ignoring the 'no beards' rule of The Chap manifesto. Splendid!
So there you have it. It really was tremendous fun and a super chance to meet some friends, both new and old.

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