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Saturday 4 April 2015

Review: Flamingo Gifts

In which G.M. Norton reviews gifts for the discerning gentleman.

Your favourite protagonist recently made the acquaintance of an online gift emporium by the name of Flamingo Gifts. Upon visiting their webular site, I was struck by the sheer variety of gifts on offer and at prices that aren’t too taxing on the old bank balance.

They have gifts for both him, her and home, including your Aunt Begonia who is always difficult to find a present for.

Flamingo Gifts asked me to inspect their wares from the plethora of items available and pick out my favourites.

Within a couple of days, a rather intriguing box arrived containing a selection of the gifts that caught my eye. It felt like Christmas!

First up is this foil lunch bag, emblazoned with a fun vintage transport design. It takes me back to being an inquisitive child and visiting the Museum of Transport in Manchester and being so transfixed at all the buses, trams, motor cars, fire engine and whatnot. 

The lunch bag can also be folded down after a hearty meal has been consumed and wouldn’t look out of place on a summer picnic.

If you’re an intrepid explorer (or just enjoy the occasional weekend away), this clobber bag is ideal so take heed, travellers. 

Flamingo Gifts offer a quite marvellous Ted Baker range and this travel companion is no exception. I simply adore the contrasting sides, with one a fabulous tweed and on the reverse a fishing trip scene. What makes this bag particularly useful is that it has two compartments. The leather also adds an extra touch of luxury. Now, I just need to book that trip away! 

Whenever I now pose the question, “Where did I put those blessed glasses?”, I will be told the rather obvious answer that they are on my moustache spectacles stand.

Given my previous form with moustaches, I couldn’t resist this. The perfect accompaniment for your bedside table or office desk, it is a wonderful example of the quirky items available from Flamingo Gifts.

Ah, who can resist parchment clad in tweed? Well, not real tweed but a rather nice tweed-effect on the front cover of this notebook.

The gold endpapers adds to the elegance rating and the mountain scene when you first open this Ted Baker journal is simply breathtaking. Apart from the large periods of time when I clear my mind completely (such bliss!), my head is a hive of activity with ideas that must be put to paper before I empty my mind again. For that reason, I always carry a notebook on my person and this tweed notebook is just the ticket.

So I have a notebook, but now I need a pen. While cheap pens are all well and good, they would let the side down when positioned next to a special writing journal. I’ve always appreciated a good quality pen. It is something to cherish. Being left-handed, I favour ball points as my penmanship can’t entertain the inky mess of a fountain pen. Alas, my hand insists on moving across freshly written ink, causing a right old mess.

They call this a ‘tweed pen’, which is slightly misleading. It comes in a tweed-effect gift box, but the actual pen is a lovely green faux leather. I suppose the Ted Baker marketing bods decided that ‘Ted Baker faux leather pen’ didn’t have the same ring to it as ‘tweed pen’. In any case, I am now wielding a gifted pen. Let’s hope the words are equally as gifted. 
So, there you have it. Five quite splendid gentlemanly accoutrements. 

It is also worth remarking that Flamingo Gifts also boasts a special range of classic British telephones, perfect for a vintage-inspired home. 

If you need a gift and don’t know where to turn, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better option than these purveyors of unique gifts. With a 1p delivery charge and first class customer service, I can’t recommend Flamingo Gifts enough. Tip-top!

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of ‘Norton of Morton’



  1. My, my...
    I've seen the pen (ypu've posted an image of it), but the notebook and a luch-box.. that would be one heck of a collection! :)


    1. I quite agree, dear lady! An impressive haul of goodies to enjoy. I just keep staring at them in wonderment.


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