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Saturday 24 May 2014

Cat, mouse and Kipling

In which G.M. Norton issues a rallying cry for votes.

Since the beginning of May, I’ve been on the campaign trail, urging people to vote for this periodical in the National Vintage Awards. 

Keen to be crowned the Best Vintage Blog in Blighty, I’ve been fortunate to still be in the running as we approach the final seven days. 

Like an elaborate game of Cat and Mouse, the top four has chopped and changed so many times, with only a handful of votes separating 1st and 4th.

The other day, I was taking tea with Kipling (this voting lark is thirsty work) when we hit upon the rather rum idea of tinkering with his exceedingly good poem, If. 

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as well as his cakes but here goes. 

If you can vote Norton of Morton as best vintage blog
And get your friends, family and acquaintances and go the whole hog 

If you can resist the lure of ice cream from Miss Retro Chick
As you’re partial to Gentleman’s Relish when I spread it on thick 

If you can overlook Mancunian Vintage and her voting pleas
Because you think Norton of Morton is a jolly good wheeze 

If you admire the sewing talent of the skilled Stacey Stitch
But support a chap instead (I really won’t snitch) 

If you can fill in the unforgiving voting form,
With sixty seconds worth of your day,
Then this is your blog and everything that’s in it
And what’s more, you’ll be an exceedingly Good Egg, hooray! 

I know a lot of my illustrious readers (that’s you, by the way) have already cast your vote in support of Norton of Morton. But now I need an almighty push if I’m to hurtle into pole position. 

So if I could urge you to encourage your paramour, postman and Aunt Patricia to also vote, I really would be extremely grateful. 

Should you need any more reason to do a good turn, please remember that a vote for Norton of Morton is a vote for gentlemen everywhere.

Voting closes at midnight on Saturday 31st May. 
Don't delay, vote today!
G.M. Norton 
Protagonist of ‘Norton of Morton’

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  1. Good luck! Honestly when I found out it was reader voted entirely I thought "well that's stupid, we've all been so close all the way through!"

    Whoever wins we're all obviously super bloggers ;)

    1. Thanks awfully, dear lady! Best of British to you too. As a regular reader of Retro Chick, it is an honour to be on the shortlist with you (although we did just nominate ourselves!).


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