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Saturday 17 May 2014

A modern magazine for old fashioned people

In which G.M. Norton proudly reveals his involvement in a brand new vintage publication.

I am pleased to report that there is a new lifestyle magazine to feast your eyes on for both men and women, featuring everything old fashioned or retro styled. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you In Retrospect.

What’s more dear reader; I am one of the writers!

Available online at the moment, with burgeoning dreams of becoming a fully-fledged printed publication, In Retrospect covers everything. Don’t believe me? Well the first corker of an issue covers vintage fashion and style, dancing, history, opinion, culture and transport.

The people behind the venture are Rebecca Mountfield (Bookish Becca on the Twittering Device), Alex Backhouse (The Forties Floozy) and Mat Keller (Southern Retro).

I actually remember the first time the idea was mooted (on Twitter, of course!). It was last year, around the time the debut edition of His Vintage Life was preparing to be published. Rebecca, Alex and Mat expressed a dislike to a request for pin-ups by His Vintage Life. One or two tweets followed between them before Mat teasingly suggested that perhaps they should start their own magazine. The rest, as they say, is history!

Since then, His Vintage Life only survived three editions before imploding in a sea of male sadness. I felt the magazine had a lot of promise and there were suggestions that the His and Her Vintage Life magazines would become a single publication aimed at both chaps and chapettes. Thus far, this has sadly never happened.

So when I was first tentatively approached by Alex to write for the magazine (naturally, through Twitter – are you spotting a theme, chumrades?), I had no hesitation in signing up.

With my men’s style hat on, my first feature is all about the art of layering clothes. For those familiar with the work of Mat and his Southern Retro photography project, I am enormously proud that my article contains wonderful pictorials taken by the man himself.

Some of the big names in the vintage community are involved, including my chum Bruce off of Eclectic Ephemera.

Why don’t you take a look over on the In Retrospect webular site? Even better, why don’t you subscribe?  At £1.50 per electronic issue or less if you commit over a longer period, it would be churlish not to.

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of ‘Norton of Morton’

PS – Be a sport and vote for this periodical as ‘Best Fashion/Lifestyle Blog in the National Vintage Awards. I thank you.



  1. I will go and check out this magazine. Great idea! I hope you win, I have already voted for you.

  2. This is a must to check out, I enjoyed the few copies of HVL and a great shame it was not to be, I must check out the website and see whats happening.

    Jim Sotheran

    1. I'm a little biased but it is a quite wonderful reading resource for vintage loving folk.


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