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Saturday 5 October 2013

Another dalliance with His Vintage Life

In which G.M. Norton strikes a pose (and any oncoming ruffians).

Following my moustache feature in the inaugural edition of His Vintage Life magazine, much to my delight, the editorial team asked me to write a little something for the second issue.

Available now from selected establishments of Messrs W.H. & Smith, this time my second three-page article concerns the gentlemanly form of self-defence, Bartitsu.

At this juncture, one might wonder why an upstanding vintage publication such as His Vintage Life would include my witterings for a second time. Surely they should have learned the first time? Well it seems not, which I’m jolly pleased about I must say.

Would you care to sneak a peek? Let's not linger any longer than necessary, chumrades. Here goes...

Pictorials were kindly taken by a chum of a chum, the splendidly named Austin Helps. And indeed he helped me in my hour of photographic need. 

We ventured out to picturesque Worsley a few weeks ago where I needed to summon up all the anger I could muster. Not being a particularly angst-ridden kind of chap, I had to rely on my over-active imagination and pretend that a footpad or cutpurse really was trying to relieve me of my valuables.

In between thrusting my brolly into the camera lens, we spied a barge that stood out. I still can't fathom why...
It’s been an absolute pleasure to be part of the first two editions of His Vintage Life. Naturally, I’ve subscribed for the next year – care to join me?

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

P.S. Thanks to everybody who voted for Norton of Morton in the Best of Vintage Manchester Awards 2013. Voting has now closed. I will discover how the periodical fared at the glittering awards ceremony on 23rd October. If you're in the North of England, do come along - it would be marvellous to meet you. Tickets are just £10.


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