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Saturday 13 July 2019

A follow-up review of the Faire Leather briefcase

In which G.M. Norton is pleased as punch (but a little guilty).

Back in October, I received a leather briefcase from Faire Leather Co. Since then, I’ve used it every working day without fail.

As things are always good to begin with, I thought it was worth writing a little follow-up after some proper use, including a few snow days in the winter.

In short, I wouldn’t be without my briefcase. It carries the things I need and every item has a place so there’s no scrabbling around.

I favour carrying my bag by the handles, rather than the strap but that’s just my preference. I have a ten minute walk to and from my motorcar to the office, so there’s been a couple of times where I’ve needed my hands to carry other things. When these situations arise, I just reach into my briefcase, pull out the strap and attach it to the metal rings on each side of the bag. The strap is very comfortable to use.

The handles can be fastened together. When I first got the bag, I would always use this feature but after a while, I stopped doing so. This has led to the two handles rubbing together causing a little wear to one of the handles. It’s nothing I’m particularly worried about, but worth pointing out. This is definitely my fault, as the fastening feature would have stopped this from happening – I should hang my head in shame.

Made from smooth veg tan cowhide, it’s not the kind of leather that is going to develop a lot of patina. I like to see the wear and creases on things, so ideally, my briefcase would do this but at the same time, the leather used on my bag means it’s always going to look like new. Giving it a good look over for this write-up, I noticed a couple of battles scars to one side, which I hadn’t seen before, which only makes me love it more.  

For a while, I stored my laptop charger in a large compartment inside the bag. Since changing my desk set-up in the office, using a fancy docking station, I now have two laptop cables so I keep one permanently in the office and the spare at home. This means I no longer carry one in my briefcase so I now carry a Bluetooth mouse in the compartment instead.  

All in all, I absolutely adore my Faire Leather Co briefcase. It hasn’t let me down or disappointed me, the zips are faultless and nothing has fallen off. Office chums are always super impressed with it and it becomes quite the talking point when I arrive at a meeting and reveal the gloriously compartmentalised insides to all and sundry. If you’re in the market for a briefcase, I thoroughly recommend.

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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