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Saturday 6 April 2019

Matchy matchy

In which G.M. Norton treads a sartorial tightrope and lives to tell the tale.

If you pay close attention, or have a good memory and can remember the contents of last week’s periodical posting, you will recall that I acquired a vintage Tootal dressing gown and was on the hunt for a matching cravat.

Well, I found one.

Now, I am very much aware of the sartorial blunder that is to match one’s tie with one’s pocket square. I’m not a fan of rules and do enjoy flouting them at every possible moment, although I do understand the unease it causes to wear an identically matching tie and pocket square. It’s a little uninspiring. I feel the same about suits – it’s a little too easy to wear a suit. I much prefer the challenge of combining separates.

However, I feel a matching dressing gown and cravat is perfectly acceptable. In fact, I positively adore this concept. And here’s my reasoning. You see, the dressing gown and cravat weren’t bought as a set and they were never sold as such. They were a couple of items made and sold by Tootal that happened to use the same natty roll of paisley fabric.

And let tell you, to find a 60 year old cravat that goes perfectly with a 60 year old dressing gown is the stuff of dreams. It’s required a certain level of thought and research and a huge dollop of luck. I feel privileged to have both items in my possession and dare I say it, I think the pairing of dressing gown and cravat looks absolutely sublime.

What are your thoughts? Have I crossed a sartorial line that should never have been attempted? Or is my status of leg-end now all but confirmed? Do let me know.

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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  1. I think they look ace together - and it's not as though you're heading out in your dressing gown. A Tootal star!


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