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Saturday 25 August 2018

A tale of two timepieces

In which G.M. Norton shares two new watches.

I was recently sent a couple of watches. As they are starkly different in style, I thought it would be fun to show you them together.

WMT Watches

The first watch I received was from WMT Watches.

WMT Watches, or Watch Experimental Unit, specialise in making their watches look aged, perfect if you want that vintage look. WMT is short for 'Walter Mitt', which understandably brings a certain literary character to mind. I quite enjoy that, as at times, I can be highly ineffectual myself and like my Action Man, I am prone to enjoying a good daydream.

WMT Watches sent me a 40mm Royal Marine watch, which had been aged slightly, although they do offer more worn examples, as well as pristine looking ones.

I'm quite attracted to the aging personally. It gives the watch some character. I also like the red triangle on the bezel and the crown guards, which I've not had on a watch since a Timex one from my childhood. It contains a Japanese automatic movement (so not battery, just give it a shake), which I understand is a Miyota. It arrived in a rather lovely box, and included a spring bar tool. The leather strap it arrived on also boasts a quick release system so it's easy to remove the strap if you're keen to try out a different one.

Earnshaw 1805

The second timepiece that was sent to me was an Earnshaw 1805.

The model that Earnshaw 1805 sent to me was model number ES-8810-03 from their Precisto Grand Legacy range (although with a black strap, rather than brown). 42mm in size, this is towards the top of what I would wear. At least, certainly for this dressy kind of watch - my Bulova Moon Watch is bigger, but that's been made so I have something suitable to wear when Richard Branson invites me for an all-expenses paid trip to the moon.

With the workings visible (known as skeleton), this seems to be a popular design choice amongst the normal folk. I wear all manner of watches, and this is one of few that has ever received a comment from somebody in person.

I like the rose gold accents, contrasting with the high shine stainless steel case and that oversized crown. It's powered by a Seiko NH70 automatic movement.

All in all, I'm really pleased to have it in my growing watch collection. It's really enjoyable to look at and very elegant indeed.

In case you don't have the foggiest who Earnshaw 1805 are, they're a watch brand that are named after an English watchmaker called Thomas Earnshaw, who is credited with making chronometers available to the general public.

Concluding thoughts

Although the two watches are very different in style, I like them both equally. They are both automatic watches, with no cheap quartz battery lurking inside.

While the submariner from WMT Watches is ideal paired with a thick sweater a la Action Man, the Earnshaw sings when worn with business attire.

Lovely stuff.

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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