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Saturday 30 June 2018

James Bond's summer shirts

In which G.M. Norton takes summer style inspiration from 007.

If a chap is ever wondering what to wear when dressing down in the summer months, he can do a lot worse than turn to the Sean Connery Bond era for some ideas.

Although it's often criticised for being a little dull due to it's long underwater scenes, one of my favourite Bond films is Thunderball. It has it all - it's set in the Bahamas so it ticks the exotic surroundings box...

...there's clever gadgets, 

...beautiful Bond girls... 

...and a Bond villain that not only sports an eye patch... 

...but he also keeps a couple of hungry sharks in his swimming pool.

What it also has is the ultimate casual summer wardrobe, inspiration for men everywhere. 

Bond's go-to outfit largely involves a short-sleeve shirt with camp (or cuban) collar. Over the course of the 1965 spy adventure, Connery wears a lot of them, pairing them with either linen trousers or shorts. 

We see 007 in a pink linen shirt...

...a pink and white gingham cotton number...

...keeping the gingham, but swapping pink for blue...

...then sticking with the blue and white but changing things up with stripes...

...before getting changed into a royal blue silky looking shirt, again with that camp collar.

So there you have it. Get yourself a camp collar shirt and pretend you're Bond...or not.

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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