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Saturday 21 April 2018

Norty and Elvis

In which G.M. Norton gets you all shook up

When the sun makes a rare appearance in Blighty like it has for the last couple of days, it bodes the question, 'What does a chap wear?'

Now, of course, there are linen, seersucker and cotton suits. So perhaps I should expand on the question. 'What does a chap wear when he wishes to relinquish the suit and tie and be a little more relaxed?'

I've spent the last couple of years attempting to expand the casual side of my wardrobe for such times and when a day working from home beckoned, I decided to try out a new shirt and jacket that I acquired a few weeks previously.
The shirt is from Scott Fraser Collection and it's been coined by them as the 'dazzle shirt', owing to the very vibrant zig-zag pattern.

When I first caught a glimpse of it on Instagram, I thought to myself, 'Norty, old stick. You must jump like a zebra and get one.' So I did just that when the limited run of eight were released (although I understand they've unearthed enough material to make two more). With a loop collar and solid mother of pearl buttons, the dazzle shirt is inspired by one worn by the one and only Elvis Presley. Marvellous.
The jacket is a vintage 1960s Lee Westerner, made from sanforized cotton. A very short style, it's ideal with a pair of high-rise trousers such as these grey flannel pair from Spencers Trousers.

I've been feeling cool and stylish all day.

G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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