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Saturday 16 December 2017

Dreaming of a warm Christmas

In which G.M. Norton looks at some warm, snug options for this Christmas time.

It's definitely getting chillier by the day, which is just as well, as I love to wrap up in layers at this time of year.

Chained to my desk in an office during the week, the temperature is never quite right. Too stifling one minute, freezing the next. The heating must have been on the blink on Tuesday though as it was perishing. In fact, one fellow sat across from me kept his hat, scarf and coat on until early afternoon. 
That got my mind racing with thoughts of knitwear, and thick, heavy ones at that. I have a real hankering for a shawl necked cardigan at the moment.

Simon James Cathcart released one last year which I missed out on due to lack of funds. With a bit of luck, I'm hoping that they'll release another one early next year. 
For now though, I'll just admire these lovely old photographs. You can see the allure, can't you?

Just look at those fat collars. Marvellous.

Apart from the one that Simon James Cathcart has designed, there are far too other options available. Charles Thywhitt offer a lighter two ply option, but in dashed dull colours. Cordings do a rather nice four ply one in a range of colours, although they are strain on the old wallet.

I believe that Ralph Lauren have previously released some under their RRL range too, but again, it means throwing heaps of cash Ralph's way.

The budget version seems to be available from military reproduction website, What Price Glory of all places. Although the colour options are limited to green and cream and are no where near as thick and heavy as I'd like, and the collar isn't chunky enough for my taste. Still, for the price, they look very good. I may have to try one for size.

If you know of any other options, do shout up.

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