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Saturday 15 July 2017

Sun’s out, mag’s out

In which G.M. Norton celebrates issue 11 of the best magazine in existence.

Rejoice, chumrades, for the new summer issue of the most noble of publications, In Retrospect magazine, is now out and available to squander your spending money on.

We’re now on issue 11, which is packed to the rafters with tip-top articles from chalk hill figures, vintage motorbikes, classic toys and Viva Las Vegas.

In Issue 11, I consider what makes a true gentleman and offer sartorial advice for those chaps struggling to prevent summer melting.

Excitingly, we also have an interview with Dandy Wellington, a New York band leader and all-round good egg and natty dresser. If you’re on Instagram, he is well worth a follow for dandyish enlightenment (plus some impressive ice creams, it must be noted).

If you cast your mind back to when I last rambled on about the magazine, you may recall that I mentioned that some changes were afoot. Well, this issue sees those changes some to fruition. We’ve welcomed with open arms an array of new editors joining Mat (Editor-in-Chief), Ava (Executive Editor) and myself (Editor-at-Large).

New recruits to the editorial team are Minky as Society and Travel Editor, Binty as Features Editor and Miss Lillian Love as Fashion and Style Editor. They’ve put together some first class features for this issue, my absolute favourite being the summer swimwear piece. Oh Lordy!
One change which is not immediately apparent has been that the magazine is now a non-profit community interest group. The idea is to become a ‘worldwide community network’. Although I’m still discovering what that means, it certainly sounds impressive. As always, the more the merrier!

Impress your chums and gain instant happiness by ordering yourself a copy of issue 11 post haste.

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  1. Anything that includes the word community means that you've resigned yourself to the fact it's not going to make your fortune!!! ��
    Keep up the good work though, it's a frightfully good read ��

  2. I've got my copy!

    I might have a few more articles in future - got some exciting travel plans ahead, including a trip to Mumbai to see the art deco architecture early next year.


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