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Saturday 27 May 2017

Stark contrast

In which G.M. Norton is happy just to get through the week.

In my first ever periodical post back on 8th September 2012, I described my little slice of the interweb as “a safe refuge, an air raid shelter or bunker if you will”, a little escapism away from what’s happening in the world.

Well, it’s been difficult to escape the horror of Monday night’s terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena. For those that don’t know, I reside in Manchester. I was born here and I’m proud to still call it home.
Manchester responded in typical defiant fashion, so I’m going to follow suit and carry on regardless. Which means waffling on about the weather and clothes.

As the week moved from Monday to Friday, it’s gone from cool and breezy to downright stiflingly hot. This has meant a stark contrast in outfits, which I document each day on Instagram.


On the Monday I wore my new GUSTAV cravat from Cravat Club, a striking paisley design in red and black. This went rather well with my Samuel Windsor grey tweed jacket.


I refrained from posting anything clothes-related on Tuesday, out of respect for the victims and their families and friends. 


On Wednesday, it looked dull  in the morning, so again, I reached for a tweed jacket to wear with my new orange polka dot tie from Susannah Hall Tailors. By the end of the day, the gloom had well and truly lifted and even for me, it was a trifle too warm.


With the sun here to stay and not wishing to overheat for a second day, I turned to a cream cotton jacket with blue accessories, including my new James McCabe watch.


Keeping an eye on the weather forecast, I knew that Friday would be even more intolerable than the day before so the linen came out to guide me through the day. The jacket, tie and shirt are all beneficiary boutique finds.

Well, there you go. After moaning about the weather, I’m going to do something equally British and enjoy a fresh pot of tea.

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  1. Tea is good. Tea is always good.

    The resilience and decency of the people of Manchester is inspirational.

    1. It what's the nation is built on. Our little island will always have enemies but we will continue to battle on and not let them win.


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