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Saturday 31 December 2016

Christmas goodies

In which G.M. Norton shares his Christmas swag.

I do hope you had a super Christmas, chumrades. 

It's been absolutely glorious to be away from the dreariness of office life for a few days. 

Santa, or rather my beloved, has been very kind this year and bestowed on me some wonderful presents. As we have two young and highly excitable children, it wasn't actually until Boxing Day before I could properly admire them. 

At the top of this year's present pile was a Reese's selection box. It's only in recent times that I've started gorging on peanut butter and with a sweet tooth, I turn to America for my fix. So it was with delight that I unwrapped this heavenly cardboard container of confectionery. 

I'm developing a particular interest in horology so I was enormously excited to receive two watch related gifts; one is a watch box to safely store and display up to 12 different watches (I currently have five with another on the way, so plenty of room to add to my burgeoning collection). The second present is a watch tool kit, which will make it a breeze to change straps, remove backs, tease away bezels, take off watch crystals and generally wreck a perfectly good timepiece.
Christmas simply wouldn't be Christmas without an annual. It was a highlight of my childhood to walk down to the newsagents each week to pick up the Beano and Dandy comics which were ordered in especially for my eyes to eagerly devour. I used to love how my surname 'Norton' was etched in pencil on the top corner. Every Christmas, I would also get Beano and Dandy annuals and this year saw a welcome return to that tradition. Wonderful!
To wrap things up (apols, I couldn't resist a little festive punage), I was tickled pink to receive a hardback copy of How to be Chap by Gustav Temple. I see it as a wonderful book companion to I am Dandy.

Well, this is the final day of 2016. There have been highly stressful moments this year but I feel stronger for it and on the whole, it's been a marvellous one. I'm in good health, my beloved is on hand to keep my insanity in check, I have two adorable children and a close-knit family just across the road from where I live. I have a lot to be grateful for and can't wait to see what memories I can make in 2017. 

I wish you a glorious new year!

G.M. Norton
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  1. Happy New Year to you too!

    The watch box looks like a very good idea. I had no idea such things existed.

    1. Happy New Year, Mim! Watch boxes are rather good. You can get absolutely anything these days.

  2. Happy New Year, squire - my Christmas pressies were nowhere near as good as your6 - a watch box, though, has given me food for thought...

    Niall McGuinness

    1. Happy New Year, Sir! I ĺove different storage boxes whether for watches, cufflinks, little trinkets.


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