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Saturday 31 October 2015

Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot!

In which G.M. Norton dresses up as Dr. Watson.

This week, I have a pictorial post for your peepers. 

I've always loved Sherlock Holmes. At the age of seven or eight, I became an avid reader of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's literary works. I believe this sparked my interest for all things old. I just loved the imagery of Victorian England that was conjured up in my mind.

A few months ago, I was asked to take part in a Sherlock and Watson-inspired photo shoot. Of course, I usually prefer to take centre stage but this time, I was only too happy to leave the Sherlock duties to my chum, Ant and assume the role of Doctor John H. Watson. 

I must admit, I slightly regret not shaving off the beard, although in fairness, it is quite Victorian and Edwardian in style.

The photos were taken by the wonderfully talented Jason Lawton and the rather fine outfits were from Royal Exchange Costume Hire. Many of the pictorials were taken in Peel Park in Salford, one of the world's first public parks, which opened in 1846.

I do hope you enjoy them! 


G.M. Norton
Protagonist of 'Norton of Morton'

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  1. These are awesome! Well done to everyone involved.

    1. Terribly kind! The photographer, Jason, is so talented.

  2. Bloody brilliant! What a fantastic shoot, these pictures have honestly made me smile with the sense of fun behind them. I think you make a rather good Watson. x

    1. Thanks awfully! It was a super fun morning. I adored the suit, I didn't want to take it back.


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